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Coffee Powder Packing Machine

 Automatic Milk Powder/coffee Powder Packing Machine

Product Description
Coffee Powder Packing

Coffee Powder Packing

Kinds of Powder Packing

Suits to pack spice, milk powder, chili powder, herb powder, detergent powder, flour, coffee powder, medicine powder, cosmetic powder, chemical powder, ginger powder, tapioca powder, turmeric powder, starch etc.

Kinds of laminated material films

pillow sachet, 3 side seal  sachet, 4 side seal sachet, stick sachet etc

Coffee Powder Packing


Packing specification

Bag size range

Width 30-150mm,
Length 30-200mm

Packing weight

1gr - 300gr depend on products density

Packing speed

30-60 bags/min

Main performance parameters

Total power

2.5 kw

Compressed air Consumption


Air pressure


Main specification

Touch Screen


Photoelectricity Sensor 


Date Robbon Printer


Machine size

Machine Dimensions


Machine Weight



Coffee Powder Packing

Coffee Powder Packing

Coffee Powder Packing

Coffee Powder Packing


Coffee Powder Packing


Coffee Powder Packing


Coffee Powder Packing


Coffee Powder Packing


Main Features

1.With the function auto filling, measuring, bag forming, code printing, sealing and cutting. Bag-making system adopts step motor with high precision 

2.Touch screen display. 

3. Controller adopts Chinese or English displaying, can see the working conditions directly. 

4. With intelligent photoelectric controller system.

5. Machine body full of 304 stainless steel.

6. Auger filler, high accuracy.

7. Good visibility with side-open protective platens, operate safely. 

8. Adopt the newest hopper sets, easy to adjust and clean, no need adjust again after clean, so that can improve working efficiency 

9. This machine is suitable for the packing of granule products, bag can choose from 3-side or 4-side seal or back seal according to customer needs. 

10. Ribbon printer is addable according to customer needs, which can print one to three lines letter, date of produce and batch number.