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1 ton big bag powder filling packaging machine

1 ton big bag rubber chemicals lime powder filling packaging machine for sugar

1 ton big bag  powder filling packaging

DCS series jumbo bag packing machine suitable for weighing and filling 300kg to 2tons materials(products) into

jumbo bag/tons bags/big bags/ FIBC bags then conveyor the bags out of the packing machine by the conveyor.


This type packing machine can be use for any type of jumbo bags, such as 300kg, 500kg, 1tons, 1.5tons and 2tons etc.

The jumbo bag packing machine working process is: Manual giving the jumbo bag to the packing machine bag clamper then touch the promixity switch then will automatic bag clamped the bag and locked the 4pcs loop-automatic feeding the materials-automatic weighing-automatic discharge the materials into the jumbo bags-well finished jumbo bag will conveyor out from the packing machine by the big heavy conveyor-move by the forklift.


Technical parameter:

Product name Jumbo bag packing machine
Model DCS-1000-PD DCS-1000-LX DCS-1000
Aplicable flake materials, granule and powder mixture, irregularly shaped materials and bad fluidity materials powdery materials or fine granule materials with good mobilty granular materials
Weighing range 300kg to 2000kg per jumbo bag
Feeding mechanism Belt feeder screw feeder gravity feeder
Precision ≤±0.1%
Packing speed 15-30bags/hour 15-30bags/hour 15-30bags/hour
Voltage Single phase AC220V, three phase 380V, 50Hz, or customize
Power 1.5kw 3.7kw 1.1kw
Dimension 1840*2240*4200mm 1840*2240*3800mm 1840*2240*3400mm
Working environment -20℃-50℃