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Automatic multi-head linear type liquid filling machine

Liquid quantitative filling machine

√Automatic multi-head linear type liquid filling machine

 Automatic multi-head linear type liquid filling

²  Technical parameters:

1.Qty of filling head: 6~14 head (depending on the designing).

2.Filling capacity: 50ML-5000ML (Compatible filling capacity tolerance for a single machine is one times. To be determined by customer requirements).

3.Filling method: Equal-liquid level self flowing type.

4.Filling speed: 6~8 bottles/min. head (500ml bottle).

5.Filling accuracy: ±1%.

6.Program control: PLC + touch screen.

7.Main materials: #304 stainless steel, PVC used in food industry.

8.Air pressure: 0.6-0.8Mpa.

9.Conveyer belt: Stainless steel chain belt of 82mm in width. Speed: 0-15m/min. Distance away from the ground: 750mm±25mm.

10.Conveyor motor: 370W frequency conversion speed regulation motor.

11.Power: 1KW/220V single phase.

12.Capacity of material tank: 200L (with liquid level switch).

13.Protective device: Outage alarm on shortage of liquid in the reservoirtank.

²  Main configuration:

1. Material tank, filling nozzle and the parts access to liquid are made of #304 stainless steel and PVC used in food industry.

2. Pneumatic components: AIRTAC of Taiwan.

3. PLC: Siemens of Germany.

4. HMI: 7" color touch screen of Siemens of Germany.

5. Photoelectric sensor: LEUZE in Germany or SICK of Germany. 

6. Relay and air switch: Schneider of France.

7. Material pumping: Domestic stainless steel gear pump.

8. Motor frequency converter: AB of the United States, Schneider of France or Siemens of Germany. 

9. Conveyer belt material: Stainless steel chain belt with a width of 82mm.

10. Conveyer belt motor: Domestic AC motor. 

11. Materials of the seal ring of the sealing machine: silicone, fluorine rubber, polytetrafluoroethylene.