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Pure Water Filling Sealing Machine

Full Automatic Plastic Pouch Sachet Pure Water Filling Sealing Machine

Pure Water Filling Sealing

It is applicable for packing the liquid like pure water, mineral water, fruit juice, milk, soy milk and coconut milk etc.


1) Basic features of the sachet filling packing machine:

Auto Film Feeding+ Vertical Forming Sealing + Horizontal Sealing + Quantitive Filling + Uv System + Date Coding / Counting

2) Structure of the machinery:Basic Type: 1000 Series Technical Specification
01. Frame and Liquid Contacting parts are S.S304. Equipped with water pump for the water filling purpose and motor and speed reducer control unit for the speed control of the film distribution system.
02. Film dispensing unit: is composed of film setting system, film guiding SS304 steel post, vertical thermal heating sealing rubber and the copper system, horizontal thermal sealing and cutting system. The film will be 
forming according to the film setting process, to make the bags ready for filling water.
03. Filling unit: is composed of water pump, inlet control valve, Quantities will be depending on the piston type filler.
04. Auto sealing system: is composed of the film inlet guiding post, wheel, and the thermal heating modular, thermal heating tube, temperature controller, and pressure adjusting spring valve.
05.Film output system: is composed of SS304 sliding rail plate.
06.Electrical control system: is composed of control panel, wiring, and the AC contactor system.
07.UV sterilizer and date coder is equipped on the machine
08.Data counting unit is equipped on the front panel.
09.Photo sensor for the speed control and the logo position correcting system will be equipped on the