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toilet cleaner filling machine

Professional piston honey filling machine filler/Sugar cane juice/toilet cleaner filling machine

toilet cleaner filling
Features of toilet cleaner filling machine:

  • Adopt pneumatic operation does not need other power, simple operation, high filling precision;
  • Small, low cost;
  • Using 304 stainless steel construction of material contact parts, stainless steel valve system design;
  • Filling volume, filling speed can be adjustable, bottom close positive shutoff nozzles ensure drip free operations;
  • Extremely easy to clean and maintain;
  • Small footprint for simple bench mounting;
  • Conform to GMP;

Application of toilet cleaner filling machine:

  • They are most commonly applicable for pharmaceutics, daily chemicals, foodstuffs, cosmetics, pesticides and other industrials.
  • Typical application: Use for filling liquid and paste material, such as mineral water, cooking oils, juice, detergent, sauce, salad, butter & margarine, ketchup, jams, cream, honey, shampoos etc.
  • Suitable for various packing such as bottle, jar, can, cup, bag, barrels,etc.