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Full-automatic Filling Machine

Full-automatic Filling Machine

Full-automatic Filling

Machine Introduction

1.This machine is mainly used for 5000ml of plastic bottle and glass bottle filling and capping.

With two filling nozzles and one capping nozzle,more filling nozzles with faster capacity.

we will add nozzles according customer’s requested capacity.

2.The machine is suitable for infusion,syrup,oral liquid,perfume,electronic cigarette,

3.Machine with simple structure but complete well as convenient

maintenance and simple operation

4.Optional for requested Electrical configuration and dust cover



1.Simple operation,feeding bottles,filling,feeding caps,capping and collecting bottleautomatically

2.PLC control,No bottle no filling,no bottle no capping, with high accuracy(optional)

3.Magnetic torque screw capping,never in-gage,cap unscrewing torque adjustable.It does not hurt bottles and caps

4.The whole machine meet GMP requirement and passed CE certification






Full-automatic Filling Machine

Filling Range

10-100ml,20-250ml,50-500ml,100-1000ml Customized

Filling Speed


Filling Precision


Working Pressure


Heating Method

Electric Heating

Power Supply



220V/50Hz single Phase