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jumbo bag filling machine

jumbo bag filling machine

Jumbo bag filling machine  is fast and high accurate to pack bulk bags, ton bags,etc.

jumbo bag filling


jumbo bag filling machine, bulk bagging equipment


limestone powder, calcium carbonate powder, gypsum powder,

To pack

calcite powder, lime mortar,calcium oxide,concrete powder

Packaging Type

jumbo bag, bulk bag, FIBC bag, container sacks, ton bag, 2 cube feet

Packing range

500-2000kg/bag, 1 ton, 1000kg, 2 tons


autmoatic bagging packaging system, weighing packing equipment


12 months

Packing speed

10-30 bags/hour

Suitable for

powder, granule, pellet, mixture, flake,etc.

Product Keywords

limestone powder jumbo bag packing machine


1. Turn key operation, easy to use, features working state indicator, out of tolerance alarm, convertible to automated system for 24/7 production;

2. Automatic bag clamping and loosening;

3. Easy to read display screen displays real-time information;

4. Low labour intensity, safe to operate;

5. Weighing instruments features keyboard, tare weight function, auto barking, auto clear hull, dynamic check, auto zero track and accounting bags, packing weight statistic;

6. High quality components sourced from brand name manufacturers for easier maintenance;

7. One year warranty standard 

Quality assurance:

1) The machine shall be guaranteed by the seller against poor materials, poor performance and poor workmanship for a period of one year from the date of commissioning. During this guarantee period, the seller will provide the buyer with free maintenance and free spare parts that caused by the machine’s quality upon receipt of advice.
2) The seller will supply repair service for three years on condition that the buyer takes on all costs of the broken parts.
3) The seller will supply the buyer the guide service on the operation of the machine.
4) The seller will respond within 2 hours if the machine goes wrong in production.
5) If required, the seller will dispatch technician to buyer’s country for installation guide, commissioning & adjusting the machine and training the workers on condition that the buyer affords all the cost from China to the buyer’s company including food, accommodation, transportation, etc. and extra USD100.0 per day per person for the service.