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Triangle Teabag Packing Machine

Triangle Teabag Packing Machine

Triangle Teabag Packing
Triangle Teabag Packing Machine,


Triangle teabag packing machinery is automatic precision sealing equipment that can seal triangle bag like green tea, black tea, flower tea, coffee, health tea, herbal tea, grain. It widely used on food and medicine industry.


1. This pyramid teabag packing machine can perform either three sides sealing or triangle teabag .just need single bond to change the bag between three sides sealing and triangle shape.
2. Packaging capacity up to 3,000 bags / hour (based on the actual capacity of the material)
3. This teabag packaging machinery can be used with thread and label packaging roll film
4. Electronic scale metering with high precision, imported Ultrasonic sealing .working stable.
5. Human-Computer Interface, Omron PLC control, adopted the Panasonic double Servo motor to make the bag .Supplied complete setting functions. Easy for operating.
6. Main motor protection device (circle timeout)
7. Automatic tension adjusting device to control packaging materials
8. This triangle teabag filling machinery will automatically stop when issued the warning.


Bag size W:60-80mm
L: 40-80mm
L: 40-80mm
L: 40-80mm
Capacity 20-30 bags/min 30-40 bags/min 30-50 bags/min
Filling range 1-7g 1-7g 1-7g
Power 220V/2KW 220V/2.2KW 220V/2.2KW
Gas power 0.8mpa 0.8mpa 0.8mpa