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flour Packaging Machine

1. Product Introduction of flour Packaging Machine:

Two working stations semi automatic powder packing machine, suitable for maize flour,flour,milk powder's weighing and packing. PLC centralized control, easy to set different packing weight and operate.     

flour Packaging

Product Parameter of flour Packaging Machine:

Product Name

Semi automatic flour packing machine



Weighing Range



450-500 bags/hour

Power Supply

4N-AC 380V 50Hz

Air compressor


Accuracy grade



2. Product Features and Functions of flour Packaging Machine

(1) Using stable and reliable dual-axis high-precision output PLC control, easy to set different packing dimensions and operate.

(2) The air circuit control and circuit control electric box are separated independently, the circuit is more stable.

(3) Servo control is used to realize high-precision positioning and accurate dimensions.

(4) Using top international brand spare parts. Longer using life.

(5) Full stainless steel version is available for corrosive material packing,such as fertilizer and chemical products.

(6) Reserve RS232/485 interface